Can love be attractive?

vianney.17372302I often have wondered if it is enough for love to be attractive in our ministry. We find ourselves putting on catechetical programs that put is in a stage of making Jesus popular: offering social groups to belong, pizza and drinks, prizes, social status. I wonder if it is enough to get people into Church and put them through programs to push them through sacraments.

Today’s celebration of the great Cure of Ars, moves me to think differently. John Vianney was not the brightest man in the seminary, yet his zeal and love for the Lord Jesus moved him to convert his little village north of France to Christ and his Church. He worked tirelessly, undergoing spiritual battles with the devil, sitting in his confessional to a recorded 14 hours a day, absolving sins!

Perhaps exuding an attractive love for Jesus is only a starting point in the Christian life. That love must move us to offer people their freedom. Not to do whatever they want, but to will the good of others, living in the will of God. We offer them freedom from sin and vices, to be who they are – children of God! From there flows a desire to tell the world about Jesus and the joy we have of living in and through him. May Saint John be our guide in this great task of ministry.


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2 Responses to Can love be attractive?

  1. SR says:

    I thoroughly agree with you. I have never understood why Jesus and His love cannot be enough for us, especially when it comes to the Church. I always fight what you spoke of in this post in our Church, especially when it comes to our youth. I truly believe all of it is leading us away from the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

    The Bible says, “God sits and ponders the ways of man.” I often wonder what He is “pondering” when we make the very Church He dwells in, a social gathering, instead of a Church of humility, thanksgiving, prayer, worship and love. One hour to spend time contemplating Who it is we are about to receive.

    So far I have been successful in keeping all of this out of the Parish to which I belong. It has truly been a “one man fight” all the way. Good post and God Bless, SR

  2. Becky Barron says:

    Amen, Manolito!! I grew up Protestant & all the youth groups were primarily social gatherings, nothing more. I have always been disappointed that the Church seems to do the same. As a convert, I believe if you teach the hard beauty of the Church’s teachings & don’t water it down, people will flock to it as we all hunger for the Truth. Secularizing catechism does not have a lasting appeal. Teach the Truth in its fullness, with love and joy, and people will be on fire for their faith, ready to do spiritual battle with the world. Years ago, reading a little yellow book on the teachings of the Catholic faith put together by parish priests, I was struck by the simple, powerful message of whay & why the Church believes what it believes. It was like being hit by a 2×4. My life has never been the same since. Love our beautiful, beautiful, unadulterated faith! Becky Barron

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