Why did God make us?

25qc4zqThere are two stories that exist in creation: The story of God and the story of man.

The story of God speaks of the intimate love the Father has with the Son, the Son’s obedience from all eternity, and joy in doing the Father’s will in all things which in the fullness of time, entered our humanity, bore our sins and conquered death. The Spirit proceeds from this love that flows from the Father and the Son, the Spirit animates us to respond to the love of God.

The story of man speaks of our own lives in relationship with others. It speaks of our relation with others, how have we struggled with those in our community. It speaks of our pride, our sinfulness, our lack of loving completely – this is the sin. It speaks of our resilience to strive for godly perfection – this is holiness.

These are not two separate stories, for God has entered our story and made it his own when he became flesh and dwelt among us. Why did he do it? Because he loves us definitively, completely, and purposefully.

So why did God make us?

Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Elie Wiesel, tell us that “God made us because he loves stories.” He is not the sole being in the universe. As a matter of fact, he is a communion of love and we are invited into that intimate communion where we realize that we were made for more – we were made for heaven!

Archbishop Fulton Sheen in The Divine Romance tells us something of this great mystery:

“The Trinity is the answer to the questions of Plato. If there is only one God, what does He think about? He thinks an eternal thought, or about His Eternal Son. If there is only one God, who does He love? He loves His Son, and that mutual love is the Holy Spirit. I firmly believe that the great philosopher was fumbling about for the mystery of the Trinity, for his great mind seemed in some small way to suspect that an infinite being must have relations of thought and love and that God cannot be conceived without thought and love. But it was not until the Word became Incarnate that man knew the secret of those relations and the inner life of God.”


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