The first paragraph to a new chapter

“Concrete, tender, and humble … this is how evangelization will be joyful. Evangelization cannot be presumptuous.  The integrity of the truth cannot be rigid.  The Spirit proclaims and teaches “the whole truth” (cf. Jn 16:3), and he is not afraid to do this one sip at a time.  The Spirit tells us in every situation what we need to say to our enemies (cf. Mt 10:19), and at those times he illumines our every small step forward.  This meekness and integrity gives joy to the poor, revives sinners, and grants relief to those oppressed by the devil.” – Pope Francis’ homily at Chrism Mass 2017

With these words of the Holy Father, I am happy to share that I have been hired as Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation at Saint Brendan the Navigator Catholic Parish in San Franciso. This will be a full-time position beginning on July 1. Here is the Easter Article introducing me to the parish.

Coming to Saint Brendan Parish as a full-time employee is fitting. Many years ago, Saint Brendan was my second home as a seminarian. The pastor took me in and nurtured my vocation and even to this day has remained a good friend. Many stories, countless memories, vibrations of a laughter seem to whisper in my memory as I sat in the office very recently to fill out paperwork one has to go through as a new employee. If only the walls could speak …! I had to stop but for a moment, take a deep breath … and remember such fond memories and friends who have passed through Brendan’s 1930 rectory.


2006 – a chapter when Saint Brendan the Navigator Parish was my second home

Being a son of Saint Brendan truly made me appreciate San Francisco, its rich diversity, and through the example of the pastor at that time, I learned how to be a recipient of kind hospitality and its importance to exercise it for effective ministry.

Saint Brendan was built in 1929 as a response to the growing Catholic communities in neighboring Churches particularly Saint Anne of the Sunset, Saint Cecilia, and Saint Emydius at that time. It’s school opened in 1947 and the Dominican Sisters of Adrian Michigan came and established their convent setting a standard of educational excellence that is still practiced to this day. Cheers to a wonderful new beginning!

Thanksgiving Break 2006 159.jpg

2006 – Thanksgiving Mass at Saint Brendan


2013. A picture with my new boss, Father Roger Gustafson, pastor of Saint Brendan Parish.


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4 Responses to The first paragraph to a new chapter

  1. larryzb says:

    Best wishes in your new assignment. My wife and I are in St. Anne of the Sunset parish in San Francisco, and welcome you to the city.

  2. Dianna Noyes says:

    Congratulations Manolito!

  3. Juve & Angie says:

    Congratulations Manolito, St. Brendan is blessed to have you. God Bless

  4. Raymond says:

    That is one blessed Parrish, Congrats Monolito!

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