Blind devotion?

As we move toward the central mysteries of our Christian faith, the Church invites us to reflect on blindness. The unnamed man in John’s Gospel encounters our Lord.

After smearing clay made from his spit and the dirt of the ground, Jesus commanded the blind man to wash in the pool of Siloam (Hebrew for the Sent One and in English, the transliteration is apostle or missionary). This pool was located on the south side of the lower city in Jerusalem. It was a pool for the poor and sick, a permanent water source for the city during the time of our Lord.


Eduourd Léon Edy-Legrand, Jesus Healing the Blind Man. ca. 1950.

Even before meeting Jesus face to face, the blind man announces his belief in the one who has healed him. He is faced with political intrigue by the Pharisees and the people on questioning who has the authority to cure on the Sabbath for that man must not be of God. And every time, without reservation, the unnamed blind man announces the miracle of sight. He finally stands before the Lord and professes his faith in him and worships him.

For us, we must possess such blind devotion, if you will, in announcing the dynamic presence of Jesus in our lives. We may not encounter him as the first Christians did, yet we know him as he has been revealed in the Eucharist and the Church. A life lived and nourished at the Eucharist, we profess and worship the Lord. Without ever seeing him, do we believe? Do we know with great clarity that the Master has the capacity to open our eyes to spiritual and heavenly realities? If we remain blind, we remain in our sins; therefore, we must journey to a similar Pool of Siloam – the pool of our baptism. We do this by renewing the intense faith lived in our baptism. Such renewal calls to mind the deep love God has for us in covenant relationship. It is this love that makes us fully alive! Let us be on our way.


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