On Kraków, Poland

wyd-2016-krakowAs the world looks on in Poland, to see millions of young Catholics celebrating their faith in Christ and his Church with Pope Francis, I will try to offer a few gems given by Pope Francis, so that we may continue on our discipleship with Jesus.

The Holy Father reminds us of God’s nearness with us. He wishes to accompany us. The greatest temptation we can fall into is pride, power, and esteem. It is not until we lay down these things in service for others do we truly become little. We must become little because it is the manner in which the Savior came to us….

The Lord does not want to be feared like a powerful and aloof sovereign. He does not want to remain on his throne in heaven or in history books, but loves to come down to our everyday affairs, to walk with us. As we think of the gift of a millennium so filled with faith, we do well before all else to thank God for having walked with your people, having taken you by the hand, as a father takes the hand of his child, and accompanied you in so many situations. That is what we too, in the Church, are constantly called to do: to listen, to get involved and be neighbors, sharing in people’s joys and struggles, so that the Gospel can spread every more consistently and fruitfully: radiating goodness through the transparency of our lives.

Excerpt from Homily of Pope Francis, Mass celebrating the 1050th baptism of Poland,     World Youth Day 2016


Our Lady of Czestochowa to whom Saint John Paul II loved and to whom Pope Francis has come to venerate in Poland.

Finally, the most little of all is Mary. Her receptivity to God’s will, with all its uncertainty of the past, and filled with faith, allowed her to be exalted above the angels.

We must be like her, trusting that God is in control of our lives. Here is a beautiful note on the Blessed Mother to whom every disciple of Christ must himself/ herself to ….

It is to Mary, then that we, who have gathered here, now look. In her, we find complete conformity to the Lord. Throughout history, interwoven with the divine thread, is also a “Marian thread”. If there is any human glory, any merit of our own in the fullness of time, it is she. Mary is that space, preserved free from sin, where God chose to mirror himself. She is the stairway God took to descend and draw near to us. She is the clearest sign of the fullness of time.

Excerpt from Homily of Pope Francis, Mass celebrating the 1050th baptism of Poland,     World Youth Day 2016

And just for fun, may we never forget the World Youth Day 1991!


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