Today is a big deal and here’s why …

In a move that has caught the media’s attention in recent months, the Pope of Rome has elevated the memorial of Mary Magdalene to a feast day. Watch this video for a quick explanation on Francis’ recent move.

As the video mentions, the great Thomas Aquinas calls Mary Magdalene the Apostle of apostles. What’s the take away from this move on the Bishop of Rome?

  • In Luke’s account (8:2) & in Mark (16:9), Jesus casts out seven demons from Mary Magdalene. It was after that event that she followed our Lord. Her manner of redemption is a great reminder of how God can take us at any stage we are at in life and transform us by his grace! Therefore, no one is ever far from God’s mercy. Think for a moment …. is God calling you to be transformed by his grace? Is God calling you to be a channel of his grace for those who are distant from him? 

Donatello’s Mary Magdalene (1453-1455). An unfinished piece of the Apostle of apostles dressed in her beautiful hair after her repentance.  

Mary Magdalene also reminds us of holy desire. Real desires grow until those desires are fulfilled. If they die in the longing — well, they were never desires. Mary, who perhaps was one of the women on that first Good Friday, was drawn to our Lord., she desired to be near him and to follow him as a disciple. Three days after his death, she goes to the tomb to anoint his body, but he is not there. The Risen Lord calls her by name and she responds by exclaiming, Rabbouni — which means teacher.

Jesus is the one who taught her to be attentive to her outer desire. Jesus is the one who taught her to keep searching until every desire is fulfilled. May we not loose our life looking aimlessly for those things truly burn within us. On this feast of Mary Magdalene, stay focused on the Risen Lord who knows our name, lifts us up, and teaches us to persevere in our search for him.


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