First week in Mexico!

I arrived safely in Mexico City early this week to the sounds and bright colors a beautiful culture which has been shaped by so many other cultures throughout the centuries: Mexico!

IMG_2272There were no hitches on the flight overall, just a short 30 minute delay in Guadalajara before landing into Mexico City by 10am Monday morning.

Father Pablo, the Rector of Seminario Hispanio de Santa Maria de Guadalupe picked us up at the airport and off we were to seminary life in a culture totally new to me. I saw many bright colored buildings and an array of people which pack Mexico City more tight than the Big Apple back home.

The seminary grounds are a bit different from what I am use to back home on the hill to which I return this August or the massive brick structure a stone throw away from Facebook headquarters.


Edificio de San Juan Pablo Secundo were I am residing for the summer.


Capilla en Seminario

The first day was simply a travel day for seminarians. We come from Sacramento and San Francisco, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C., New York City … to name a few. The Sacramento Seminarians walked around the first day to visit the local parish and to get some type of familiarity with the area.



Candid moment


We are enjoying our time thus far studying at the Universidad Pontificia de México, a twenty minute walk winding ourselves through schools filled with a sea of students, grocery stores y mercados, and muchos casas of bright colors! The grounds are beautiful and the courses are very rigorous and I am enjoying every moment thus far. My only disappointment is not having strong coffee in my room. I was tempted to buy a coffee machine with the seminarians today, but when we walked through the grocery store the isle with all the coffee only had ….. instant coffee!! Oh well!



The building where we take our Spanish courses focusing on grammar and conversation. Thus far we meet here five hours a day.



While listening to a lecture on the culture of Mexico.

Tomorrow we visit the Museo de Antropologia E Historia to learn more about the culture of the grounds which we stand ….7,000 feet in high altitude!! … coming from home where 7,000 feet is unheard of, one has to appreciate each breath and heart beat while in this land. Why wouldn’t we? After all, it is here where La Virgen de Guadalupe came to a people to bring the love of her son!


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  1. thesmilingpilgrim says:

    I gotta spend more time there 🙂

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