Take a read: Off to the next journey!


Here is an image taken in 2012 when I was stationed at the Church of San Rafael. It was my first experience of singing a morning hymn of love to the Virgin with God’s people at the early hours before the sunrise.

For many years now, December 12 has been an encounter with the Virgin before the sunrise. It is an endearing celebration to those who love her in the Americas. Under the name of Our Lady of Guadalupe, she crushes the head of the serpent, she dances, prays, and points to the life within her womb.

I’ve seen her many times throughout my life: in seminary and in my travels.Not only have I seen her in all my travels, she seems to appear in every major transition in life as a reminder of her tender care and love for me!


Shrine of Guadalupe at the Church of San Rafael


Guadalupe is seen every where in the Philippines as she is co-patroness of this beloved country.

One of her great lessons is to follow her Son, Jesus in everything. She teaches us to do whatever he asks of us. She reminds us through her tenderness and love, that Jesus is the central protagonist of our lives. This is best understood in her Magnificat. Take a listen to this performance by seminarians of Saint Patrick’s Seminary & University:

Perhaps our lives can become a mirror of God’s holiness, a magnifying glass to the awesome holiness of God. God takes the lowliest, the simplest people and raises them up to glory in order that all might know, revere, and love Him.

Guadalupe, our Lady, has been present throughout my vocational journey …. now, for the first time, I will go to her! I board the plane through the night and will find myself in Mexico City. I will be residing at Seminario Hispano, taking classes in Spanish and Mexican culture. During the second half of my stay, I will be exposed to pastoral ministry in a parish. So to Mexico City I go where countless pilgrims go to be at Mary’s feet, run to her like children, to hear her message to stay close to her Son. I will go to her and it is an exciting adventure ahead!


Praised be Jesus Christ! My best friend was ordained a priest of Christ forever!



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4 Responses to Take a read: Off to the next journey!

  1. Fe Gregorio says:

    I pray that you may have a safe journey. God bless be with you and bring you back filled with graces.

  2. Jan says:

    This is really good news….I’m so happy for you. Deacon Stan and Paula are here in Carlsbad visiting for a few days and I showed them your blog. Would you put them on the email list also? He said he didn’t know you had one…..and would love to hear from you as well. Thank you for all you do! Jan

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