Don’t forget your iphone charger …

IMG_2087In the world we live in today, no one practically leaves their home without their iphone charger. We are so glued to our phones and always need that security of being plugged-in, fully charged, and ready to network so that we can connect. Though the world, especially this young generation, is inevitably headed in a direction where social media will be the wave, I firmly believe that nothing will ever authentically replace face-to-face communication.

I feel that we have become slaves to the very thing we have created, so that we have this feeling of having friends at the push of a button, so that we would sacrifice real face value relationships in place of a sense of being connected to everyone …. yet, remain totally impersonal, only seeing what we want the world to see.

While information is at the swipe of the thumb, our worlds have shrunk. Yesterday, was a refreshing moment of face value friendships. Storge and Phileo are the greek words for love of friends. To the greeks, the friendship was the most nobel love humans can experience because it was a love shared simply for the sake of the other, for seeing the good of the other. Take time today to be with friends at face value, to accompany them in all they are going through by listening to them rather than reading about them on the screen. Try it and rediscover the most nobel love of all.





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