Another look into my music room …

I saw the advertisement in the parish bulletin, so this concert will really be happening on the 13th of May. Upon looking back on these past few days, I am not as excited about the concert as I am relearning a masterpiece!


There are just a few more markings on my music score than when I first started. Dare I say I was possessed, lured, drawn into, called by … the music to relearn it. It was a struggle, but I think that in my adult life, I can look back at this music which I learned in my senior year of high school and no longer be afraid of it. Life has taught me many lessons and our experiences in life spill over to the music: learning to endure, being patient, working through problems, crying over little achievements, arguing with the dots on the page, speaking to Beethoven beyond the grave of why he wrote certain passages in this manner or that manner.

There was something more that struck me as my finger muscles began to remember and relearn, Ms. Loida came to my mind countless times. She was one of my greatest piano teachers!

FullSizeRender (1)

Ms. Loida and I (2002) when I first performed this piece at the Vallejo Historical Museum.

I’ve learned many things from this very strict and sought out teacher. Out of all the many lessons, I’ve learned that a teacher must truly believe in the student and in the music he is learning. I recount how for one whole year Ms. Loida took a sabbatical from her teaching career after recovering from a major surgery. She was very weak after that year as she jumped back into teaching. Yet, she had to prepare me for my senior high school recital. She spent countless volunteer hours with me, sitting with me ….measure by measure, pointing to the page with her cain. At times, she would thrust with all her might to take the bench in order to demonstrate difficult sections of such a masterpiece!


I loved Ms. Loida and looking back on that time when I first learned this piece under her tutelage, I have come to appreciate her more. I was her last student whom she prepared for senior recital. She retired shortly after this photo and died in 2006 in Los Angeles.

Yet, as I continue to sit with the same manuscript from which I learned this piece, I can still hear her voice speaking to me in order to help my finger muscles remember the passages, remember the expression and meaning Beethoven wanted to convey!




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