How to get over the fear of Confession …

jesus_rescues_peterSin. Repentance. Contrition. Penance. These are major words that surround the mystery behind the confessional. Don’t fret, the sacrament is a celebration of God’s unimaginable mercy for you, rather than remembering how bad you are. Let’s take a little refresher on this beautiful sacrament that has made many sinners into saints!

Remember the joy of Christ being your savior

In the Catholic Church, we find a tangible way in which Christ comes to us. He comes to seek the lost sheep, the one lost coin, the wasteful son (cf. Luke 15). It gives Jesus joy to go out and find you, it gives him joy to restore you to what he created you to be in the first place: his child. Jesus’ mercy is greater than our greatest sin. He finds more joy in restoring you to the family rather than condemning you for an eternity. Furthermore, Jesus, in his Church, can never refuse anyone who comes to him, who seeks him with a sincere heart!

What will the priest think of me? 

Father hears millions of confessions throughout his ministry and I can assure you, being a regular penitent, that you won’t tell him anything that will make him jump off of his seat. The priest is ordained to absolve sin, to give a counsel in order that the penitent find strength to live a saintly life!

How does it work again? 

There are many resources available online. I’d suggest taking time to examine your conscience so you go well prepared to the sacrament. Sometimes people like to sit quietly in the Church or write down their sins so they don’t forget anything. You have to find what works well for you. Remember, this is about Jesus desiring to restore you and renew you rather than making a report!

Have courage and take the step

Sometimes it may be hard to take the first step. You may want to reach out to a Catholic friend to accompany you. Your friend may also want to celebrate Reconciliation as well. More souls for the kingdom is always a good thing! Furthermore, you can both grab something to eat afterwards as a way of celebrating.


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