JR Jaldon on Beethoven & the Pope

In a spontaneous move late last week, my friend and I decided to catch the San Francisco Symphony to hear this first class orchestra perform Beethoven’s Symphony Nos. 4 & 8. Not only was it a spectacular show, we got terrace seats right behind the orchestra at a steal of a price!


Commonly, many performers who spend their life studying Ludwig’s work will admit that his work speaks to every human emotion, from the most subdued, to internal anger and violence to the secrets pulses of his romantic heart. Growing deaf in his later years, Beethoven was still able to communicate every human emotion through sound and silence – through an experience of what we know as music.

In excitement to pick up the pope’s new book, I searched a cathedral bookstore and had no luck in getting my hands on what catholic circles are speaking about these past days. So by pure luck, I found the Holy Father’s book at the local Target store and began flipping its pages in the presence of an old friend last week where I use to visit him regularly in a small little chapel in Vallejo.


I am very sure that many popes in the past have written extensively of their faith journey with the Lord. Yet, there is something about Pope Francis that I cannot seem to wrap my mind around. These 100-pages (in the English edition) were definitely page turners as Andrea Tornielli interviewed the Vicar of Christ in a series of questions surrounding his life, ministry, and the truth in front of mercy. In a similar manner to the 18th century German composer, this Argentinian Bishop living in Rome, speaks to every emotion in the human experience. He speaks of how mercy is the very nature of God. God He makes this clear through his personal experience of mercy as he snatched the crucifix from a priest’s casket and through other little novellas he shares through this short interview with Tornielli. Francis’ purpose driven invitation is to welcome God’s mercy for it ministers to every aspect of our human experience this side of heaven.



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