Philippines blesses God! 

I quickly realized that I was a world away from my all too familiar hilly road of San Francisco’s Twin Peaks or Vallejo’s Lake Herman Road as we traveled for an hour though the lush green, tropical roads of Bohol. Often filled with bumps on the road that would be considered dangerous on American soil. We were welcomed on the twisty roads with the occasional cow, a few coats, and the iconic caraboa! 
Our first stop was to Carmen, Bohol to ascend the 214 steps to view the Chocolate Hills. 1,268 hills across the Carmen Valley that appear to be chocolate kisses during the summer months! 

Science says that it was formed by the erosion of coral and limestone, but for fun, the folklore says that it’s either the permanent tears of a broken-hearted giant or the droppings of a massive carabao with uncontrollable bowls. I’ll leave it to you to draw your conclusion! While viewing this natural beauty of Bohol, I over heard a few Americans say to each other, “Only God could have done this!” I quietly agreed with them as I stood to catch a photo behind this natural wonder. Ate Glady’s mom would soon repeat the same sentiments in the van as we made our way to the next destination!    

Only in the Philippines will one find the smallest monkey in God’s creation: the Tarsier! Known for their enormous eyes, the are nocturnal animals which you can visit during the day, asleep under their leaf. 

 Hinagoanan Cave welcome us with the beauty of how water and minerals were God’s tools for a masterpiece! 
And we finally ended the day with a visit to the fire fly show and how God created these little creatures to glow in the night… Just because God is a master artist! 

So whether it was the perfect shape chocolate mountains, God’s smallest monkey creature, or the little light found in a fire fly at night… The Philippines gives an authentic look at how creation blesses its Creator! 

And if that wasn’t enough, I had my first experience pushing the van on the middle of a country road since its battery gave out!


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