Last morning muse on these shores

I figured I would have an early start to my final day on this side of the globe before I hop on the plane later tonight ….. one destination, which my sister affectionately calls, “the motherland!”

At my usual spot in Vallejo on this Monday morning.

At my usual spot in Vallejo on this Monday morning.

Having “the motherland” at the forefront of my mind, makes me recall how every season has brought me on a new adventure to a certain part of the globe …. and this trip has been highly anticipated for many many years! All throughout high school, college, and young adult life, friends have always spoken about their family roots, about the climate’s warmth & humidity in that part of Asia … Out of all the things people speak about, the beautiful culture is spoken with great affection. They speak of how going to the Philippines truly wins a person’s heart —- it is connecting with the culture in which our parent’s were raised. A sense of great excitement is really building up in meto taste the food and the love of people whom we have come to know as the Filipino …. the filipino who is found in every corner of the world. I especially look forward to touching & being in the place where my mom grew up…. that is truly something to look forward to with great affection.

Though I will be away from the Bay which I love so much … there is one thing I will be absent from this year. I will be absent from the yearly celebration of the Novena to Good Saint Anne in San Francisco.

Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 8.03.47 AM

The novena last year with Father Ted!

According to social media, the Redemptorist Fathers have begun their arrival in the City of Francis & my heart feels the pull that I will be away from such great priests and this great tradition in this year’s cycle of that popular San Franciscan devotion. If you happen to swing by the coldest place during the summer months, please stop by Saint Anne of the Sunset, and remember me during these novena days!


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