More than just dinosaurs ….. Jurassic World!


I’ll never forget the year 1990! My teenage self was struck with amazement when Dinosaurs appeared on the big screen behind the red curtain! It was such a thriller. In the years to come, movie makers perfected their art to capture the imagination!

Now 22 years later, the theme of genetics and dinosaurs in the 21st century return in its fourth comeback on the digital screen with Jurassic World.

It is far from what it was in 1990 with a theme park visited with 20,000 visitors every day. Claire Dearing is a self driven, career oriented operation manager. Owen Grady is the Velociraptor trainer. Simon Masrani’s name headlines the corporation that followed the dream of it’s original owner John Hammond. And the dinosaur lab is still under the direction of its lead geneticist Dr. Henry Wu.

Contrary to a movie review, there was a line that stuck out when endorsers were being given a tour through the complex. Claire Dearing, aunt who is neglecting her nephews who came to visit the theme park, posed the question to endorsers of what they wanted. These high paying, white collared representatives stated “they want to be entertained.” As if, bringing dinosaurs back from extinction isn’t entertaining enough! Science pushes the envelope as they create their own monster by mixing DNA and all other types of animals.

11265581_894259940613134_8976267891906120792_oIn the world we live in today, we may have forgotten how to wonder, how to be in amazement & how to stand in awe of what is right in front of us. Our fingers become slaves to the very gadgets society has created do so much work in filling our hyper sensory experience. As the summer months roll around, let’s find a balance with the excitement of great movies such as Jurassic World and the beauty that waits to be adored. After all, an appreciation of what is true, beautiful, and good forms us to be what we were created to be.


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