Where do we leave that which is …..

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469e86c5cd40799b28a61620080c8b61This photo shot by SF Brit captures the memories etched in my heart from the City by the Bay. As no line appeared at the door leading to the lit sign, I stopped by the Confessional yesterday, not as a penitent, but as a friend, to exchange greetings with Father ….. But before that … let me back track.

I randomly decided to make a trip to the Northwest with friends to revisit and rediscover the beauty of that place which was once home to me. And I was not disappointed!


As I ascended the Mount, I was reminded of it’s beauty! I called to mind the words of Abbot Gregory and the spirituality of ascending and descending this holy hill.


The resting place of a dear mentor, teacher, and friend.


Some wine at the Space Needle in Seattle!


A moment with this dear friend at our favorite place!


A dear mentor and friend!


Shrine of Our Lady at the Seattle Cathedral

Visiting an old friend from seminary.

Visiting an old friend from seminary.


Entrance of Saint James Cathedral in Seattle.

After returning from this little vacation, I made my way to my first home. To be honest, crossing the bridge these past few days, I feel the pinch in my heart that I am leaving the Archdiocese of San Francisco to continue my vocational journey with the Diocese in the north. It’s a choice made in absolute freedom and joy with the full support of family and extended family.

As I sat in that confessional with my friend, our conversation led me to remind myself that feeling the pinch in my heart is a painfully beautiful thing because it speaks of how I’ve been so moved, transformed, and loved by the people in this Archdiocese. These are people whom I will always remember. After all there is no reason why both dioceses cannot be home.

These thoughts call to mind the Kingdom of God. Whenever we think of the Kingdom of God, I cannot help but think of the tune sung in most parishes in the United States, City of God:

Let us build the city of God, may our tears be turned into dancing. For the Lord, our light and our love, has turned the night into day.

While it is a catchy and popular work, I wonder …. do we build the city of God? It is God’s kingdom, he does the building. We simply cooperate in that building. In my cooperation with God, that pinch as I cross the bridge leading into the City is a good thing. A reminder that God is doing the building! All I have to do is participate, love him, and serve him.


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