Missing you will be hard


My most vivid memory of you was the last joke you pulled on me. I was with my Godkids and others praying in a dark church and from behind the altar you yelled into the darkened church, “Hey JR!” and it scared me and the kids half to death!! I thought God was calling me! I AM DEEPLY SAD that I never had a chance to thank you. Thank you for letting me be the organist who laughs at all your jokes, for staying in your PJs doing crossword puzzles at the house, making me scrambled eggs, and above all, for encouraging me to always be myself as I continue towards priesthood. I’ll miss you so much Fr. Len and words can never truly be enough. So I will pray for you at the place where I always saw you, the place where you lived, spoke, and loved…. From behind the altar of God.



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Welcome and thank you for visiting this page! You’ll find my personal reflections on Christian Discipleship, insights on my adventures throughout the world, one day at a time, and musing everything Catholic and musical with a cup of coffee each morning.
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