Who do you say that I am?

This is the timeless question of every seeker of faith. We find it from last Sunday’s pericope on the Gospel of Matthew 16:13-20. How do people in our circles see Jesus? Is he that popular religion? The convenient friend? Either Jesus is who he says he is, or he is simply another person who falls into the history books.

What I am more interested in is Jesus’ reply to Peter. Pietro Perugino’s depiction gives way to this thought. This work is found in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.


Jesus calls Simon Peter the Rock. We either use rocks to stone others or we use it to build a firm foundation. To preach the truth without love is only half the truth. Because Peter is the Rock, we all belong to the family of God under his headship. Today, pray for the Pope, Vicar of Christ & Successor of Saint Peter.



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