Over Some Coffee: Sunday thoughts on how are we fed?

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Being a disciple of Jesus is about caring for the poor! As a matter of fact, the program of Christianity is made clear in Sunday’s psalm: The hand of the Lord feeds us, he answers all our needs.

Isn’t it curious that the LORD does not feed us with a spoon and fork as is the custom in American eating? To eat with forks and spoons is a very neat thing, very proper, and a sense of formality comes with eat. But when Yahweh feeds us with his very hand, it is a messy ordeal. He feeds us with himself, his hand intimately touches us. It is a way of God directly coming in contact with us. The psalms speak of the reign and kingdom of God.

God’s kingdom is not about organized political communities. Rather, his kingdom is about upholding the weak, feeding the hungry, answering the cries of the poor. It is about uplifting those who are considered nothing in society and making them somebody.

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So just remember, to be Christian is to feed the “nobody” of society as a way of being Christ for them, not just giving them satisfactory sustenance.



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