It’s more than just bread ….

it is his body! 

About 100 days or so after Ash Wednesday, we find ourselves at this feast of Corpus Christi. It is a great feast shrouded with mystery, procession, worship, incense and bells. The pope emeritus gives us insight to this feast as the model for our way of life: standing with the Lord (Eucharist), walking with the Lord (procession of the Blessed Sacrament), and kneeling before the Lord (Adoration & Benediction). Of these three, let’s look at standing with the Lord.

In the early Church, God’s people gathered at the statio. This was the central Church where people gathered around one table, under one bishop who was the visible sign of their unity. The Eucharist was the place where the Corinthian dock worker stood next to the miserable slave, the philosopher stood next to the illiterate, and the converted prostitute stood with the converted tax collector.

This was the whole point of Eucharist! We stood with those who were marginalized and different and by standing with them we understood our unity anew in the Risen Christ.

As we process to our Churches this weekend, consider the one whom we stand next to may be walking a different love story than you, yet both of you stand before the Lord who calls you to worship him.


“But today there is one additional thing. The One whom we adore … is not some distant power. He has himself knelt down before us to wash our feet. And that gives to our adoration the quality of being unforced, adoration in joy and in hope, because we are bowing down before him who himself bowed down, because we bow down to enter into a love that does not make slaves of us but transforms us” (Pope Benedict XVI, emeritus).  


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