30 years ago ….

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In his Easter Vigil homily, Pope Francis exhorted the people to return to our Galilee … that’s exactly what I did this weekend.

I returned to my roots! I traveled back to the place where I was first formed to serve the Lord Jesus on a little mount an hour away from the Rose City.

Mount Angel brought back many precious memories of many holy people who have nurtured my vocation. Here’s two things worth noting:

photo (9)

1. Whose the priest in the coolest motor chair ever? Father Paschal. He may have grown older, but to grow old means one draws nearer to eternal glory which is something he is looking forward to … the event in which he meets his maker face to face. I had only a brief moment with him, to sit with him and ask for his blessing. It was a moment filled with joy and love, a moment in which I was reminded of everything that has led me to where I am now.

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2. Friends. A person knows that he has traveled well in life when he returns to his roots to only find it new again. A picture of a friend who welcomed us to her home during our short visit. Stories & coffee … could not have asked for anything else.

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Today is the anniversary of my baptismal anniversary. It’s a day to remember how God chose me before I chose him. It’s a crazy love found in the burning heart of Jesus.

Here’s a clip by a bishop who nails it on the head. Bishop Andrew Cozzens gives a beautiful reflection on the hearts of Jesus and Mary. Mary’s heart was the heart most opened to the will of God, we pray that Mary will lend us her heart in order to serve her son perfectly. The heart of Jesus is that very heart that loved us into existence


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    Here is a post from the blog “Aspiring to know God” about returning to your roots. The author shares from his About page: I am JR Jaldon. A Catholic man aspiring to know God and to love him and serve him in his people. This blog is a reflection of life’s journey in faith.

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