Over some coffee: His Voice



A few years ago, I spent my summer in the Eternal City of Rome. During our time there we visited the catacombs to find the earliest images of Jesus. Aside from the symbol of fish, one of the oldest symbols was that of the Good Shepherd. All the sheep know the voice of their shepherd and they follow him.

That may be a challenge for us today. We are so connected ironically on “social network” yet we don’t do a lot of talking. We do more talking with our thumb as we like posts and pictures and with our fingers as we type comments, but I don’t think we are attune any more to the voice who speaks.

That’s why community is still important and Church communities are relevant. In this social arena, we meet each other face to face and meet Jesus in the Eucharist. We must foster this way of being and if we do not then we may be headed toward a silent way of being together, a social awkwardness that may have deep ramifications as a society in the future.

Listen to the Shepherd, the voice of Jesus, speaking in his Church. It is a tender voice, a voice of love, of completeness.

Is this the way we are today?  



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2 Responses to Over some coffee: His Voice

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  2. grace alone says:

    thank you!

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