Over some coffee: We saw Him

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll I have to do is look at a picture like this and it invites me to remember! It is a picture of Nicole and I along with Father, walking up towards the main basilica in Assisi … almost 9 years ago!

We are all companions on towards that eternal moment in which we will see God as he is. In today’s Gospel (John 21:1-19), we read hear of the companions who were on the road to Emmaus. In the Epilogue of his book, Eucharist, Father Robert Barron points out that the companions were on the wrong way. In the account of Luke, everything points to Jerusalem and in the midst of the account, these two were not headed to Jerusalem, but once they knew it was Jesus, they headed there to meet those who were the seeds of the early Church.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will give another spin in his Regina Coeli on April 6, 2008. He speaks of how Emmaus represents every journey and every road we take in life. Amidst this journey the companions lost hope and were left disappointed. The Holy Father points out that this road we travel may seem to leave faith in despair due to situations and the feeling of abandonment from God. But that’s not the whole story! The Gospel account reminds us that we never walk alone in life. Jesus is with us even if we do not recognize himThe Road to Emmaus is the road of purification and maturation in faith because Jesus walks with us.

We must see our lives in the story of Jesus’ paschal mystery! And in the breaking of the bread, we see him, our eyes our opened, we come to believe. Then, we can run like the disciples from Emmaus, in the midst of the night, in the midst of dangers and darkness, to announce his resurrection to the world. So that’s one reason of many to not forget Mass today! Happy Sunday.

As we approach the Mass, our hearts will burn when we listen. In a moment like that, let us invite life’s companion, with the disciples, “Stay with us, Jesus…”



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