And there you have it … Don’t be unbelieving, but believe



“The Incredulity of Saint Thomas” Carvaggio

There is so much joy in the Easter event that it cannot be contained in a 24 hour time span! The joy of Jesus Christ risen from the dead is an event that expands for eight days reaching it’s climax today with the Gospel recounting the doubting Thomas.

Are there moments in our life when we doubt like Thomas? Moments when we are so unbelieving in the wonder of what God can do for us. Moments when we fail to recognize the Resurrection of Christ in those parts of our lives that remain in darkness and that remain in the shadow of Good Friday. Perhaps, we desire to remain in the Good Friday feelings of lost hope and despair thinking that God cannot be bigger than our personal issues and tragedies.

This inexhaustible joy of the Easter Season calls us out of this mode. As the baptized, we are called to live in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. God takes despair and gives hope; God takes a tragedy and allows the light of Christ to curse the darkness. There is no tragedy so great, no sin, no situation in which God’s mercy cannot break through, in which God’s love cannot redeem us.

It’s Divine Mercy Sunday! There’s nothing new about this message. It’s a reminder, from Saint John Paul II, that God’s mercy is made new for us, God’s love is never far from our reach. We, who have never seen Christ, are blessed to believe in him. We have the Sacraments, especially the Sacrament of Reconciliation, to return to Jesus and to be made whole.

This particular Sunday is special, since the Church was blessed to be with four popes! 



The lives of Saint John XXIII & Saint John Paul II are a reminder that we are all called to holiness in different ways!

Here’s the moment when Pope Francis declared the sainthood of these two popes:


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  2. Excellent post! God Bless!

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