Musing Coffee Shops


Mr. Justice is on to something in his year long tour of visiting coffee shops around the world! He put out an interesting article from his visits. There he speaks of how people seem so terribly isolated with blank faces as they stare aimlessly into their laptops, even while sitting next to other people. Has wi-fi totally broken human interaction and our capacity to be so spontaneous with each other as human beings?

I would like to think there was a time when we could walk into coffee shops and meet strangers who openly and readily speak about life, philosophy, politics and healthy dialogue in regards to anything in the human experience.

Dare I say, we have reached a new Sheol? In the ancient world, Sheol, was like sitting in a movie theater in which no one had interaction with any one around them. It was the place of fire and the little red devil with horns no relationships and of stagnant living in a room filled with people. The popular notion of the burning fires of hell was a much later development!

Christ came to free us from Sheol and to live in community, to live in communion, with each other. Have we lost sight of this fundamental truth of faith? Ultimately, people long to live in genuine, flesh to flesh relationship with each other! That is our make up, that is how God created us. Holy Week is coming right around the corner. Let’s take a moment and realize that life is bigger than what we see on the computer screen.


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