Over Some Coffee: Live in that light that loved the universe into being

“Prayer does not have a reassuring signal that the message arrived; it sometimes feels like wi-fi when disconnected. Yet prayer does not lose power, despite our human weakness–it will always be heard, even when we cannot feel it.

Had C.S. Lewis published The Screwtape Letters in this century, one of Screwtape’s tactics to Wormwood would go along the lines of confusing the patient into thinking wi-fi more effective than prayer.That would surely be a favorite weapon. It seems to have beneficial results on the surface. We don’t realize when hours–even months pass between good, healthy prayer time.” The Catholic Writer

She makes a good point on her blog IM with God. We touched on this subject for a brief moment at our weekly prayer meeting. In his letter to Ephesus, Saint Paul exhorts the people to live in light:

Brothers and sisters:
You were once darkness, 
but now you are light in the Lord.
Live as children of light, 
for light produces every kind of goodness 
and righteousness and truth.  Ephesians 5:8-9

To live in the light is to live in that first moment of creation, when God’s first words were sheer words of joy and love!


Usually, in the ancient world, the gods were attributed for conquering other gods through their violent power in order to prove their worthiness of praise. For a certain people to longer give praise to a god, the god is forgotten and grows weak. Such is not the case with that first moment of creation. God creates out of genuine beautiful speech. He speaks a word …. or dare I even say, God sings the first sound, and calls forth light.

To live in the light is to live in this very moment, in incarnate love with each other as children of the light. It’s easy to think that our communion with God is based on the way we modernly communicate with each other …. Delivered, Read on, Text sent … and we wait to see the bubble to know that God is vaguely interested in us and wait to see if his response will be one word or a thumb scroll worthy response. To think that our prayer life mirrors our smart phone experience is short lived and short sighted. God is closer to us that we can expect. He loved us into being, holds our very breath, gives us the beauty of each morning never repeating the wonder of creation! God is closer to us that we can ever comprehend. Let’s get off our phones and take a moment to realize how close Jesus truly is to us.


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One Response to Over Some Coffee: Live in that light that loved the universe into being

  1. Lewis is my hero. =) Thanks for the follow. Hope you’re blessed on my site.

    Keep up the lovely blogging.

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