Out of Order

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Funny how certain things remind you of your childhood! Today, I was a substitute musician for an 8am Liturgy in Hayward. I covered the piano lid and knelt in front of the piano during the Eucharistic Prayer and I instantly thought of my old piano professor from Stockton, who has long since died. He had frail knees, yet exerted all his effort to kneel before at the piano, so to pray before his God.

The extensive Gospel of the Woman at the Well, is in itself a homily, yet it calls to mind how Jesus sought the outsider. He went ‘out of the order’ of culture, language, and beliefs, and sent two days with the Samaritans. They were the people who worshipped their own God on another mountain, who were estranged from the Jews. Yet, Jesus breaks through all of that and approaches this woman at the well and tells them he is the living water! If we drink from him we will never thirst.

Living in a society where we will always have running water, bottle waters, and plenty of drink how can Jesus before us living water? We may not long for water, but we thirst for peace. We thirst for unity. We thirst for that which is BEYOND culture and language. Within every human heart, we long to quench our thirst for God. That’s what this whole season of Lent is about. As we continue this journey into the interior desert of life, let’s purposefully make time for God. Let’s make deliberate time to seek the SOURCE of human existence! That source has a face: it’s Jesus Christ, found where he is found, in His Church, in the Eucharist. This is the God worth kneeling to as my piano professor once reminded me those many years ago. To kneel before the God who goes out of order!

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“You are my Alpha and my Omega, my first and my last, my beginning and my end. Before my beginning, you were; after my ending, you will be; and until then – yesterday, today, tomorrow – You are; present here, wanting to come to me, giving me life, give yourself. Maranatha – Come, Lord Jesus!” Prayer be Georg von Lengerke (1968) Priest of the Order of malta and director of spiritual center of the order in Ehreshoven, Germany.

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