Whose the real bible scholar?

%22Temp of Christ%22 Eric Armusik

The Temptation of Christ by Eric Armusik

Jesus is taken to the pinnacle of the Temple, the high point of Jewish worship, to see the center of society. In the second temptation of our Lord, the devil proves that he is a bible scholar as well. He knows the scriptures just as much as Jesus. Often it is the case, that many well read bible folks quote scripture endlessly. Often times, they pull one line and run with it as the saying of the year. Their perspective is the only perspective that matters. I think that may be the temptation in the 21st century, we give in to what is popularly said about Jesus.

What’s the truth about our relationship with the Lord? Do we truly pursue him as he pursues us or do we simply stick to what people popularly say about him in society. Yes, let’s watch him fall from the temple and witness his angels rescue him. Is that the Jesus we love? Don’t push the popular Jesus to his limits so that we can have a spectacle worth celebrating. Rather, look at the wonder and awe of what he does in obedience to the Father as he goes to the cross!

“We are dealing here with the vast question as to how we can and cannot know God, how we are related to god and how we can lose him. The arrogance that would make God an object and impose our laboratory conditions upon him is incapable of finding him. For it already implies that we deny God as God by placing ourselves above him, be discarding the whole dimension of love, of interior listening; by no longer acknowledging as really anything but what we can experimentally test and grasp. To think like that is to make oneself God. And to do that is to abase not only God, but the world and oneself, too.” (Joseph Ratzinger, Jesus of Nazareth, p. 37)


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