From the Cross


Watching movie clips such as this brings a smile to my face: beauty, worship, the image of the Great High Priest, mystery, bells & whistles.

Looking back on this previous week, I’ve had such a renewed sense of my journey to the priesthood as the San Francisco Seminarians gathered with our Vocation Director and the Archbishop for a four day seminar. We discussed the topics from Archbishop Sartain’s Strengthen Your Brothers.

Sartain points out the idea of ministering from the Cross and he uses the work of James J. Tissot’s What Our Lord Saw From the Cross.


I’m struck by this work! It’s the first Eucharistic Adoration. The priesthood is more than just a position of entitlement …. as a matter of fact, it cannot be that at all, entitlement is not its nature. If there is anything a priest is entitled to, it is the Cross of Jesus Christ. The ministerial Priesthood moves us to serve God’s people from the cross. The priest is called to be a man of suffering and to see the world from our Lord’s eyes. To sustain such a radical call is to be rooted in the Eucharist where bread is blessed, broken, and shared. It is where the grapes of our lives are crushed in order to fill the cup of salvation for the many to drink.

Finally, the ministerial priesthood only exists in order to serve and to empty its life for the sake of the royal priesthood, the baptized priesthood of Christ.

“Even more, our priestly vocation flows from the cross and leads to the corss. A life of holiness gazes upon the cross in prayer. The life of priestly ministry entails loving from the cross in one unfolding act of self-oblation. That is why the Eucharist will always stand at the center of our ministry and at the center of the life of the Church; it is also why intercessory prayer before the Blessed Sacrament is an important part of the ministry of priests.” ~ Archbishop Sartain


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