I will follow you wherever you go

There is always so much to do when planning for a trip and some of us get a thrill and rush in packing for vacation the day before your scheduled departure. That is what comes to mind especially with the July 4th holiday around the corner. This is not the case in Sunday’s first reading.

Elisha comes from a wealthy family and is asked to give it all up to follow Elijah in the ways of the Lord. Elijah reinforces this urgency by telling Elisha that there is no time to even say good bye to his parents. Jesus takes this another step further and in almost very harsh words tells us to let the dead bury their dead (cf. Luke 9:51-62) and all we are to do is follow him.

Over the weekend, I celebrated the joy of truly following Jesus in the Sacrament of Matrimony & the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

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I gave the Invocation at the Nadyne & Wayne’s wedding and I shared how Wayne’s commitment is a reminder of how I will one day give my life to my bride, the Church, to every man and every woman to serve them as a Spiritual Father in the Church. Almost choking up, I looked at Nadyne and I told her that she has reminded me of how beautiful the bride of Christ truly is.

Not only 24 hours later, I found myself miles away in Sausalito to celebrate the retirement of Father Parenti. It has been a beautiful life of service and ministry. It was so deeply moving to see the conclusion of a priest and friend shepherding the people entrusted in their care.

No matrimony is perfect and not all priest are perfect. But it is Christ who sustains them in the sacrament. It is Christ who gives them the grace to be faithful to their promises in following Him. At the end of the day, it’s not about the bags we pack. It is about the journey we take to following Christ, our inheritance! It is all about the journey.

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