Super Hero

It’ll be another action packed summer with the release of Superman. Summers usually offer a hyper-sensory experience filled with super heros and villains and Superman will pave the way for 2013!


I stumbled across this photo comparing the Good Shepherd and the man who wears the “S” on his chest symbolizing hope. In the preview trailer, Superman states that if the world knew who he was he would be rejected. The same was similarly said in John 15:18 by Jesus.

Fascinating is it not? Our mentality of super heros are those who are disguised in order to hide their true identity. They are those who save the day and those they love. Is there heroism found in Jesus Christ?

The Nazarene is the God-man come to us incarnate at Christmas. Their is no secret identity about him. As a matter of fact, he is fully disclosed at his Cross in order that we might find Him loving us to the end! He is the Good Shepherd who will always bring us back to his heart. And in today’s world, he is found in the heart of all those who bear the name Christian and most supremely found at the proclamation of the Word and the celebration of the Eucharist at every Mass celebrated. He not only “saves the day” for those he loves – he says, “Go! Do what I do!”


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