Everyone will talk about the heart

Musing only a year ago….. I found myself here ….. DSC00568

We stood at the entrance of this convent where the apparition of Christ was revealed to Saint Margaret Mary. Here is a photo we took of the relics of this venerable saint.



We also had the joy of celebrating Eucharist inside this small chapel that made such a devotion so timeless and popular. But what could be said of a heart? Especially the heart of Jesus Christ? 

Many people will speak of the heart especially as its solemnity is celebrated on the universal calendar tomorrow. Some popes have given hints to this great devotion:

Pope Leo XIII stated, “There is in the Sacred Heart the symbol and express image of the infinite love of Jesus Christ which moves us to love in return.” Pope Pius XII stated that the heart is the noblest symbol and witness of that Divine Love given throughout the Old Testament and New Testament (Haurietis Aquas 23)

Growing up, I saw this image of the Heart of Christ found in every entrance way of every Filipino home that I visited. It is very popular among Filipinos and devotional Catholics. At the same time, it is easy to over sentimentalize this image of Christ. As we approach this popular devotion, keep in mind that Christ is personally invested, personally interested, personally concerned with you. Christ loves you beyond your sin and imperfections! Christ’s love moves us to a deeper conversion and compels us to preach his love in a world often times saturated with a false notion of love.

Perhaps that is why the heart burns from within itself. Jesus’ love is passionate, personal, sacrificial. It’s a love that calls us to Reconciliation and Eucharist! A love that identifies us as the baptized and confirmed. It is a love that gives us an identity in the divine life of God.

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