Metanoia … a daily way of living


Saint Paul Outside the Walls this past summer in Rome.

Perhaps Luke places Lydia near the river today as a hint to the conversion in the waters of baptism (Acts 16:11-15). Conversion or metanoia, the full 180 degree turn from a life without God to a life fully oriented toward God. In order for Lydia to experience metanoia she needed grace and the capacity to respond to grace. Grace was brought to her by Paul’s message in the Resurrection event. After hearing Paul’s message, she was moved to respond through baptism. Her whole household became believers in what we profess today.

Metanoia is lived out everyday. It is not a one time event in which we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior. It is constant. We experience metanoia, the full 180 degree turn in our life, as we examine our conscience daily and celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly.

So what’s the point? Everyone who comes to hear the message of the Resurrection with sincerity of heart, will always be changed. They will never return to their  former way of life. Furthermore, their life of holiness becomes contagious to which many will come to believe.

Remember, we should never fear of preaching Christ to others because the Gospel reminds us that Christ will send us the Advocate and guide. As the Easter Season reaches its close in two weeks, remember that we are given the Paraclete in our Baptism and Confirmation. He will be our helper and teacher to preach Christ to every person. We now adore the Spirit of the Living God as the priest now calls upon Him to strengthen the Church and to nourish disciples with heavenly food: the Eucharist. It is here where the Lord takes delight in his people (cf. Psalm 149).


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