How do you repay the LORD for his goodness?

Most of the time when someone does something kind for you, one writes a thank you note for a snail mail delivery to their front porch, written in your own penmanship that touches the heart! But is that what we do for God? Simply write it off if you will?



photo credit: Eluis

I find that to be such under compensation, such a short-return to God. I woke up this morning looking back on these past few days and the awe-striking things God has allowed me to witness in my own life. Godkids performing their final show on the High School stage, to a teaching engagement on the Prodigal Son, to hearing the news of new life coming into the world, wedding engagements, baby showers. It’s overwhelming at times, how God makes such a web of connections all come together. So I ponder the title of this post and muse for an answer. Then it hit me! I remembered what an old friend recently told me via twitter: 

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 7.12.28 AM

Simply put. Love is always reactive! Our love for each other, our love for God, always moves us to react! Hopefully today, we take a moment and realize how loved we are by God – and react in love. 



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