She broke the stereotype



To whom do we give credit? 

The First Reading today is a perfect example of people missing the point. The lame man thought that the miracle came from the pagan priest of Zeus and Hermes rather than through the intercession of Barnabas and Paul. These Apostles exhorted him to change his ways and focus on the God and Father of Jesus Christ.

To whom do we give credit? 

Another follower of Christ whom we celebrate today was instrumental in preaching the truth. Catherine of Siena was instrumental in the return of Pope Gregory XI from Avignon to Rome. She told Gregory who feared to return to Rome, “Be a man! Father, I say to you: Arise!” Catherine spoke boldly to the corrupt Cardinals in Rome when she wrote, “You are flowers that shed no perfume, but a stench that makes the whole world reek.” When questioned of her judgement, she replied that the stench reached all the way to Siena. She lived out her love and courage for God’s Church and the Roman Pontiff. She broke the stereotype that ever saint is simply a kind person. She spoke boldly against the Church’s corrupt leadership of its time and brought the Church back to Rome. Her short life of thirty-three years is an example of courage in following Jesus Christ.

It is easy for us to think that when things in are ordinary life pull through, we give credit to our own planning and our own doing. I look at my life this past year with you, and is it comes to a close I notice how so much has happened. I have helped someone in their journey to Confirmation, another to seriously discern their vocation in the future, and others in the school as I continue to hear their own personal stories at home and in class.

It would be easy to give credit to myself, but then I would fall short. I am humbled and realize that everything we have is a gift and because it is a gift, nothing belongs to us.

Our capacity to evangelize and to speak of Jesus is a gift. What are we to do with this gift? We live for him. For everyone who keeps his commandments is begotten of him. In these days to come, Christ will give us the Advocate to strengthen us as Church as we move forward in advancing his kingdom. As we wait for this outpouring on Pentecost Sunday, I am reminded of Catherine of Siena’s wisdom when she stated, “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!”

Today, take a moment and realize that everything is a gift and we cannot take credit for anything in this life. God is the giver of all gifts and now we turn to receive him here, the greatest gift of all: the Eucharist.


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