Do you love me?



A cute cartoon to start the weekend. Just for a little Catholic humor!

This is the weekend we will hear that famous dialogue of John 21, “Peter, do you love me?” The word love looses its depth in the English language. We have to turn to the Greek in order to find more insight to the three-fold conversation Jesus and Peter had after breakfast.

The verbs Jesus uses the first two times is agapao (the object is worthy of highest praise, to be worthy of esteem due to personal conviction. Popularly, to love without condition, a godly love). The third time Jesus uses the word phileo (in manner of great affection, deeper sentiments, attached to feelings). In our every day lives, do we love Jesus only on intelligence, only from an academic experience? Or have we allowed the Spirit of God to move us to a deep affection for him, namely, an encounter with him that moves us to change? The third time, Peter was perplexed, and scholars believe it was due to the fact that Peter recalled his three-fold denial and realized that the Master has the great desire to forgive our short-comings and call us back to himself to feed, tend, and care for his people. “Lord, you know everything, you know that I love you.” 


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