“Needing an eternal evaluation”

The Author of true love is often quickly forgotten as people seek confirmation, acceptance, and esteem from within the world. To exclusively turn to the world is to fall flat on your face with despair because everything in this world pass and only the eternal remains eternal.
She makes a hard hitting point in her video.
Growing up I realized how much we looked to Boy Meets World, the Wonder Years, Saved by the Bell or other television shows to see how people fell in love or out of love. But is love simply an emotion with another person or being wanted by another in which we fall in and out of? Or is it ever more than that?
Real love has a face and real identity has already made a claim on our souls. It’s the tireless mystery that God becomes one like us in all things accept sin. Think about it ….. Out of all his wounds, it was not his hands, his feet, or his sacred head that suffered most! It was his tender loving heart! The heart is the most noblest symbol of love and it was pierced by a lance and out gushed forth blood and water (John 19.34)!  His heart loved each of us to the end and still longs for us this day. What am I trying to say? Love is the encounter with Jesus Christ crucified. That is where love begins. That is where love ends. For at every moment in his suffering, Jesus was not only thinking of you. He was loving you!
“The secret of His Heart is laid bare in the wounds of his body. One can easily read them in the mystery of God’s infinite goodness and merciful tenderness which came down to us like a dawning form on high. And how could this tenderness of His ever fail to be seen in His wounds. How could you indeed, Lord, show us more clearly than by your wounds that You are indeed full of goodness and mercy abounding in love?” ~Saint Bernard
Where do we see this tangibly in our every day lives? Holy Mass. It’s every Sunday.

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