Bamboozled by God! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better …

‎”We have received the Bread of Heaven. Let us become what we consume. On the Feast of Corpus Christi as we march through the streets of the world lifting Jesus Christ enthroned let us say “Yes” to the invitation to become “living monstrances”. Let the consuming fire of God’s love purify us so that we can be used to reveal His presence to the whole world waiting to be born anew.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI

My only hope was to catch a glimpse of Pope Benedict XVI during the Eucharistic procession on the streets of Rome today! But God duped me and brought me a few short rows from the front of the main altar for the Pope’s Mass! It’s better than being in the front of a basketball game or next to the big superstars of Hollywood. I was near the Vicar of Christ, the Supreme Roman Pontiff, the ROCK whom Christ promised to build his Church and was totally taken away in gratitude to Almighty God – the grace to pray the Mass with Peter himself!

A thought to consider: As the Mass moved into the evening, I gazed above the Cathedral of Rome and two things caught my attention, the enormous statues of John the Baptist and the Risen Lord. The Baptist pointed his finger to Christ, while the last rays of the sun beamed on the gentle face of Christ as his victorious hand hovered in blessing over His people below and over the altar where the Pope celebrated the Eucharist. It was a reminder that this Church was bought at the price of his own blood, loving her to the end!

And as if the Mass were not enough, we took candles and seminarians and priests began a procession that literally filled the streets of Rome as the Pope brought Jesus to the Church named after his Blessed Mother. It was at Saint Mary Major that the pope gave us the blessing of Christ!

We had to celebrate by grabbing a pizza and gelato and caught the bus back to the Vatican. It was more than anything I could ask for on the Feast of Corpus Christi!


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