It’s definitely more than just ordinary!

Ask God for a sign and see what happens! The morning began with our audience with officials from the Congregation for the Clergy. The officials gave us a copy of their document on the priest as Spiritual Director and Confessor.

And as a gift from the Congregation, they gave us a stole from the Year for Priests! NOW, if that is not a confirmation in one’s vocation!!! 

That was only the beginning of the day ….

It’s hilarious how we met at San Francisco State University many years ago and how we meet up in hallmark moments in life, yesterday being no exception in my meeting with Cecilia!

Our reunion in Rome began with making our way to the Confessio in Saint Peter’s Basilica to pray for Pope Benedict XVI. After spending some wonderful time inside the largest Church in Catholicism, we made our way out to search for the tomb of our patron.  The information desk gave us directions to the bus stop. Upon arrival at the bus stop we were unsure of where to go.

God never leaves us stumbled! He sent us a Sister who was waiting at the same bus stop with us and she was a Dominican Sister of SAINT CECILIA! It was as if Saint Cecilia wanted to be sure we found our way to her.

After walking down a beautiful Roman alley way, the plaza opened up and we found ourselves in front of the Church which was built on top of the original home of Saint Cecilia!

It is an unbelievable moment in which I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Countless moments in my life, I have asked for Saint Cecilia to guide me. All the favors she has helped me with and now God brought me to her! I remembered my Goddaughter and all those musicians who love Cecilia so much. It was a moment of gratitude and joy.

And if that was not enough? We met up with Father Brian for a wonderful Italian dinner on the beautiful streets of Rome.

Father Brian was a such a wonderful host! 

He even gave Cecilia his blessing as his one year anniversary as priest is right around the corner!

Sunday morning I met a wonderful son and mother from the United Kingdom who were in search for an English Mass. They joined me as I met up with Father Brian and Father James from the Diocese of Dallas for Sunday Mass in one of the many chapels in the Basilica of Peter.

In thanksgiving for your prayers and for God’s abundant goodness and graces during this moment in my life! 


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2 Responses to It’s definitely more than just ordinary!

  1. Gmama says:

    Enjoying your posts. My granddaughter’s name is Lucia Cecilia. Blessings.

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