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Just a thought: Making a pilgrimage to a massive Church like Saint Peter’s Basilica simply leaves you speechless! I was caught up by the original masterpieces that saturated the holy walls that contained the bones of Peter. Statues pop out of everywhere, mosaics leave you in wonder, and all of it points to the glory of God. All that fills the Basilica and the space itself is in service to God. All of it, as overwhelming as it is, points us to heaven. If there were such artist in the past, we who are artists, have a great responsibility to take our gifts and use them to communicate the divine in the here an now.

The much anticipated day in which we make our pilgrimage to the Mother Church finally arrived as we were ready at 6:30am to be the first flow of pilgrims to enter Saint Peter’s Basilica. How appropriate that we were visiting the Basilica on the Feast of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth.

Saint Peter’s Basilica is a testament to the Faith which Christ established on his Rock. It’s the place where saints are proclaimed and martyrs are celebrated for shedding their blood for love of our Lord. In our own day, we have come to know one of them who spilled his blood for the Faith: Blessed Pope John Paul II. Here is the spot where his attempted assassination took place in 1981.

As we made our way to Mass we took a moment to stand near the papal altar and the confessio where lies the bones of Peter, the Rock. Below is the popular image of Saint Peter with the worn foot rubbed by countless pilgrims!

A picture with one of the Pope’s Swiss Guards watching over the Eternal City

In the afternoon, I made my own journey to the top of the dome of this massive Basilica!

These were a few shots I took as I ascended Michaelangelo’s Masterpiece: breathtaking, mind blowing, and awesome in its truest sense! The day would not end without joining a few of the guys for a stroll to have a gelato at the bottom of the hill. We are pictured below standing in front of the Castel Sant’ Angelico

 Prior to this little stroll for gelato, we gathered to hear an inspiring story by Father Leonard who journeyed from his diocese in Germany to Rome. He is on a pilgrimage to Assisi ….. on foot! 

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2 Responses to Musing THAT place

  1. NANCY says:

    The Papal Guard looks like Deacon Maximo from Argentina.

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