VATICAN CITY: I have arrived!

Nothing short from amazing! Got on a plane to fly from Lyon, France to Rome …

Upon arrival at our accommodations, few feet away from the bones of Saint Peter, we truckled our luggage up the hill and a flight of stone stairs. The old bricks that made up the high walls, the art that saturated the streets took my breath away …. literally! I knew instantly that I was no where near home. Upon turning the corner, we gazed at the greatest achievement in Western Art, the dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica where lies the papal altar, the bones of Peter, the body of Blessed Pope John Paul II and countless saints of the early Church! We dropped our bags for a moment and prayed the Creed for Pope Benedict XVI as we looked upon his window only a few feet away from us.

It’s one thing when you look at a mural of Saint Peter’s Basilica every day at the seminary and it’s another thing to look outside of the dining hall and see that the Basilica is actually there!

There were Sisters from Mexico who prepared a wonderful first meal in the Eternal City!

We gathered to see where classes will begin tomorrow …

 But look what was right outside of the classroom: Faith and Culture all in one!

There I am gazing at the largest Church in Catholicism! And right next to my head, you will notice that Pope Benedict XVI is still awake. I laughed out loud …. hopefully he heard me!

And of course, a first night in Rome and we all stopped by at the bottom of the hill for GELATO!

God in his goodness has brought me to the Eternal City and I am overwhelmed with joy and look forward to pray with my seminarian brothers, to study, and visit the places where Christianity began and martyrs were made! 


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2 Responses to VATICAN CITY: I have arrived!

  1. Titay K. Schommer says:

    And now for something more mundane – do check out the pizza place pretty close to one of the gates to the Vatican. It is wonderful! We went back there to get our fix, a few hours before we got on the plane back to the US.

    Anyway, enjoy the Eternal City! I am so glad you are there experiencing the Vatican.

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