Musing the beauty of Anncey, Lyons, and the taller Eiffel tower

Today was the last full day before entering a five day retreat in Ars, France. We made a pilgrimage to the home town of Saint Francis de Sales in Anncey, France. Simply a spectacular place with the Swiss Alps and other mountain ranges behind us!

We celebrated Eucharist in the parish where Francis de Sales preached! We were reminded of how this Saint of Francis was not ashamed to preach the Gospel and knew his identity in Christ. We, as seminarians, are called to model a life of simplicity for Christ as we make our way to ordination.

I couldn’t help notice the beautiful bakeries carrying all the delightful treats!

Here’s a quick shot of a few of us on a bridge in Anncey.

After a delicious lunch in a local restaurant, we got on the couch and made our way to one of the most ancient cities in France: Lyons. We made our way a top a hill dedicated to our Blessed Mother to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. It was a true testament to architecture and the dedication of the people to give us a window into eternity.

A breathtaking view of the City of Lyons in France!

And just for fun! The taller Eiffel Tower. This is its twin located in Lyons. It’s taller because of the white antenna at the top. I had no hopes to see the Eiffel Tower, but I guess God has a sense of humor.

So many graces to be on this journey so far. Not only to see such holy places, but to be able to pray here and celebrate Eucharist. “There he is: King of Kings and Lord of Lords, hidden in the bread. To this extreme has he humbled himself for love of you.” ~ Josemaria Escriva

And so now, we enter into a five day retreat in the City of Ars where lies the body of a great Saint. John Vianney worked tirelessly for his people. As a priest, he heard confessions for countless hours and literally loved to the point of radical exhaustion. We enter these holy days to simply pray with the Cure of Ars in hopes that we can model our lives after his and ultimately after the heart of the Good Shepherd. Pray for us


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  1. NANCY says:

    Thanks for sharing. Someday… Prayers, hugs, Gmama

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