“What do you want from me, Lord?”

That’s the question that has been sitting with me these past few days. On Monday night, I met with a friend who clearly stated the answer in her prayers, “You want all of us.”

Custody makes it seem legalistic or forced attention. Rather, the Father is asking us to give ourselves completely to Him for the sake of communion and love. These past days, the Lord echos his words in the liturgy with Remain in me, I am the vine you are the branches, love one another (John 15)When we completely give ourselves over to the Father, we give ourselves for him to prune us, to break us, to make us strong in Him. Abiding in God teaches us to love deeply and be conformed to His will. There comes a point in life where we realize life is not worth living without God, life is pointless without Christ in the center of it all.

In the final analysis, God wants all of us so that he can live in us and we can live in him and this is the life worth living, life in abundance!


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Welcome and thank you for visiting this page! You’ll find my personal reflections on Christian Discipleship, insights on my adventures throughout the world, one day at a time, and musing everything Catholic and musical with a cup of coffee each morning.
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