Musing graduations

For the seminarian graduating, ceremonies such as those held this weekend mark a time of celebrating God’s goodness working in our lives. It’s a time in which we taste and see the sweetness of God’s love. A time in which we affirm God’s divine plan.

Moments like these are also times in which we realize we are catholic. The term catholic is more than just a reference to geography or the accessibility of liturgy throughout the world. To be catholic is reference to a totality, a totality to the mission of the one Christ who came to unite all things by his saving work on the cross. Therefore, graduation is a reminder that we share in the complete and total mission of Christ. Congratulations to my brothers on their upcoming graduation. This weekend, the mount from which we have descended will become your alma mater. Here are some of their faces:

And in a very special way, I give thanks to the Father for Ate Pia. 

I remember when Ate Pia first stepped foot onto the mount as a student. I still cherish those memories that I have shared with her on the hill. She was my partner at the coffee shop, a fellow collaborator, but above all she is a dear friend and a fool for Christ! Ate, I’m deeply proud of you and I join you in spirit as you celebrate this milestone in your life and as you continue to share in the mission of Christ in serving the local Church. My standing ovation joins you with loud shouts of praise, a hearty laugh, and a cup of coffee from a quiet pew in San Francisco to you in the pew as the Abbey fills with pomp and circumstance this weekend. Congratulations Ate and thank you for sharing your life, faith, and joy with us who have descended from the mount! You are indeed a blessing!


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  1. Mr. P. says:

    Congratulations, J.R.!

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