Father preached last night about the common sign we see at airports, construction sights, or big renovation projects: pardon our dust, we are under construction.

There is truth to that as we emerge ourselves in this day of penance and prayer. People will see us with ashes on our foreheads as the sign of our repentance from sin. We say to them, “Pardon our dust, we are under construction.” We are constantly being conformed, through grace, to the image of God. The temple, which we are, is being constructed to become a fitting dwelling of the Holy Spirit. So this holy season of Lent reminds us, as we are signed with ashes, that we are in need of God.

At the same time, God is already working in our lives to build us up during this season. We are on the way through his mercy in becoming the image of his Son.

So today is a big deal! Millions will be marked with dust. Why the big show? Because we do it for Him! We do it for the many who will be fully initiated into the Church at Easter. We do it for LOVE.


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Welcome and thank you for visiting this page! You’ll find my personal reflections on Christian Discipleship, insights on my adventures throughout the world, one day at a time, and musing everything Catholic and musical with a cup of coffee each morning.
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