Response on the Youtube clip of Jefferson Bethke. Getting everyone’s attention!

As of today, Jefferson Bethke’s video is speedily making its way to 2,000,000 hits on Youtube. I admire Jefferson for his passion and in a sense he is taking on the Holy Father’s desire for the New Evangelization, namely, using the media to preach the Gospel of Christ  anew! It is obvious that he searches for Christ and is seeking a community that will resonate the gospel message authentically.

Some points for consideration for those who view this video:

  • Through the faith of Saint Peter (cf. Matthew 16.16) Christ established his Church. He commissioned his apostles to begin the Church and gave the power to loose and bind (cf. Matthew 18.18). Even the Book of Acts tells the story of the early Church, living in community and hearing the Word and partaking in the Breaking of the Bread. In the modern day, it’s known as the Mass.
  • We will never find a perfect faith community simply because we live in a sinful world. Yet, in the Church, through the sacraments, we will always find Christ. Find Christ where he is found.
  • Further, to not accept the dirty laundry of the Church, is to not accept historical responsibility and moreover not to accept the action of the Holy Spirit in the world and throughout time. Through these lenses, we see how Christ keeps his promise to never leave the Church. His Church is the hall of saints and sinners.

These are only a few reflective thoughts. Christ is found where he is found: in HIS Church which HE established.


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2 Responses to Response on the Youtube clip of Jefferson Bethke. Getting everyone’s attention!

  1. jason Solano says:

    Thank you JR for this. You’re awesome.

  2. Dennis Purificacion says:

    Well done, J.R.!!!

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