The first thing: the gift of being called by the Beloved

In 2006 at the Farewell Party at Saint Stephen Parish

On this last day of the year of our Lord 2011, I am reminiscent of where God has taken me. A journey that can be traced back to 2003, when I saw the advertisement for the opening at Saint Stephen Parish as a musician. I applied as the youngest candidate for the job and from there the rest is history!

I never imagined meeting life-long friends by simply walking through the doors of this parish behind Stonestown Galleria. Moreover, I never would have imagined running after God’s own heart beyond my imagination as I entered the seminary from this parish.

The seminary. A journey to the priesthood. 

A clip from the Vocation Fair in Madrid.

To be honest, never in my youth would I have ever thought that it would become a reality: the dream of running after God’s heart and becoming a priest. For the past six years, I wake up each morning, owing God my thanksgiving that as unworthy as I am, God graciously and generously calls me to share in his divine mission. I have learned over the years that every experience, every moment shared with people is a gift from God. To be with the dying, to feed the hungry, to comfort the lonely…. all this is sharing in the work of Christ who is present in each of them.

A joyful and terrifying reality, that I am a father-to-be. A reality that, God-willing, I will be a Father to every woman who will be my daughter and every man who will be my son. To be the presence of Christ for them as the Gospel is proclaimed and as the Sacraments are celebrated worthily. Indeed, it is a pure and undeserved gift to be called to God’s altar. I asked for your continued prayers for all seminarians pursing their vocation to the priesthood and for all discerning their vocation.


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