Continuation on the Second Thing

It’s one of my most favorite pieces of art. God reaches out with power to infuse life into Adam in Michelanglo’s masterpiece! A print that hung in my room at my alma mater and now resides in my room in Vallejo. And next to it is my first Christmas gift of the year 2011, an ornament from Janelle O’Malley: JoyJesus, Others, and Yourself. A famous acronym I grew up with in learning about service and love in the Christian community.

I am deeply blessed to have a family that I was born into and raised by my whole life. They have taught me the value of living life to the fullest and chasing after your dreams. Yet, God’s blessings do not stop there!!

God in his generous love and generous giving has also given me a family found in his church. I consider them very much family. These are precious people who I equally share my delight, my  difficult struggles, and whom I find great solace in this journey to heaven, in living and breathing every moment in thanksgiving. With them, I have indulged in life’s delights and frolics and pondered in the awe striking greatness of God! Moved to worship the Trinity, they have been the presence of God in my life.

Yet, the cadence of this description, would be that these people not only share in the simple joys of this life, they are my joy! They are the hand of God infusing life into me all because God has designed it. God wills that we live in communion with each other, focused on his love found at the altar of limitless and unfathomable Love. If life were a musical score and if there was a repeat sign before the cadence of such a masterpiece, I would gladly take it from the top all over again!! After all, this song we call life is for an “audience of One.” For God alone!


About TheAspiringCatholic

Welcome and thank you for visiting this page! You’ll find my personal reflections on Christian Discipleship, insights on my adventures throughout the world, one day at a time, and musing everything Catholic and musical with a cup of coffee each morning.
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