It’s more than just today. As a matter of fact, it has only begun….

Seve captured this photo as we stood in the piercing chill of Christmas Eve morning outside at Saint Finn Barr Parish for the conclusion of the Simbang Gabi and the drama of the Search for the Inn.

Christmas is here! The long awaited season where we celebrate more than just a birthday, but the Word taking on flesh – the Incarnation! And what does the Incarnation mean for us as we wrap up 2011?

A beautiful image I purchased recently in the Northwest

Stores will begin their Day After Christmas Sales, NBA is back in full swing, the Pope has given his Christmas greetings, families have gathered to celebrate the joy of being together. At the same time, the people of the Philippines struggle to rebuild their lives after the natural disaster, some families still struggle with their own difficulties, many remain unemployed, and many still live on the streets of our cities. Yet, in the midst of all these many events, God reveals himself! He reveals himself through the YES of a Virgin, through the power of his Spirit, and takes on our humanity.

God could have saved us any other way, but this is the way he chose. This Christmas Season, we behold the holy child and are reminded of how precious we are to God, so much so that God became one like us in all things accept sin. This child is not only found on display of the Nativity scenes in public squares or in our homes.

He is found at the altar of his Word and the altar of the Eucharist. The SAME God-man invites us to be in utter profound communion with Him. He is the reason why we exist and he is the One whom this whole season is named after. For the world, Christmas ends today, but for us who believe, Christmas is only beginning.

So what’s the point? Many will pack up their Nativity scenes, cut down the tree, and save the ornaments for next year. The kings will depart, the shepherds will go back to their fields, and people will resume their busy work lives. And in the middle of this the work of Christmas begins – to feed the hungry, to be with the lonely, to reassure the dignity of the elderly. In a simple word – to love as Christ has loved.

Not only a Merry Christmas, but a blessed and holy Christmas to you, to all whom you will encounter these holy days, and to all whom you love.

Photo by E. Luis.


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