Tree Lighting, Cameras, and College Sweaters ….

At least that’s what I noticed. Many have home for Thanksgiving (the busiest holiday of the year) and gathered at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in downtown San Francisco. Many are home from their colleges, families are together, and they are all trying to capture the moment with their iphones or professional cameras.

In any regard, they gather around this one tree, waiting for the lights to manifest in the darkness of this semi-cold evening. Yes, the hustle and bustle has officially begun with the lighting of the Macy’s Tree on Black Friday evening.

What would happen if we dug deeper in the meaning of this classical tradition in San Francisco? People gathered around a tree to see its lights fill the dark night. In another place, a light was brought forth. The Light of existence itself came to us in poverty: the Child of the Poor. And the climax of his life will take place at another tree, not adorned with Macy’s lights and Christmas decorations, but adorned with the King of all kings, the King of our hearts, who has gone to the utter depths to prove his love for all eternity.

What if we dug deeper? In the hustle and bustle, if we paused but for a moment and unveiled that the true meaning of why people gathered last night is to celebrate the Incarnation – that God has come to us as man. Such a truth etched in the hearts of every person would change the world. So why does it not? Perhaps it is because God respects our freedom. He comes and exposes himself -the full disclosure of God – in the person of Christ and yet steps back in order that we might find him. After all, that is love. The freedom to find and choose the Beloved.

Tomorrow is Advent. Here’s a short clip of what it is all about …. 

It’s a season of joyful waiting on the coming of Christ. Don’t miss the point as Christ – the Light of the World breaks into our humanity!


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